Dental Implants in Fairfax VA

Losing a tooth can be a very challenging experience. You lose confidence in your appearance because you feel that you have to hide your smile so others don’t notice the gaps in your smile. Your teeth don't function as well because you just can’t eat comfortably and enjoy a wide variety of foods. People often make unfair judgments about those who are missing teeth, and this can be damaging to your social and professional life.

At our Fairfax, VA dental office, we tell patients that replacing missing teeth is crucial, and not just because it improves your appearance. When you have gaps in your smile, chewing and speaking may be difficult. Also, empty space allows remaining teeth to move out of alignment. Even worse, missing teeth can even lead to deterioration of bone and the loss of other teeth.

Dental implants at our Fairfax, VA dental office provide an excellent solution to the problem of missing teeth. They are generally considered to be the gold standard of tooth replacement because they look, feel, and function most like your natural teeth.

We get many inquiries from patients about dental implants, and we’ve explored this tooth replacement option in more detail below. Please take a look to learn more, then feel free to give our Fairfax, VA dental office a call to find out if dental implants are right for you.

Dental Implants – A Healthy Solution

Man at Dentist | Dental Implants FairfaxDr. Fairfax & Associates Family Dentistry offers innovative dental implants, the most permanent solution for missing teeth. Dental implants dramatically restore your appearance and allow you to chew normally. With dental implants, you’ll be able to eat, drink, and speak with a healthy, complete smile.

Because we want to provide you with up-to-date, state-of-the-art dental care, Dr. Cerina Fairfax has completed extensive training in placing and restoring dental implants in Fairfax, VA. She also regularly attends post-graduate dental training courses to stay current with updated techniques.

With this kind of training and expertise, Dr. Fairfax is equipped to handle your entire implant process from beginning to end and provide you with the highest standard of care in a familiar, friendly environment. We have performed many dental implant procedures at our Fairfax, VA dental office and will be there to support you through all phases of your treatment.

In some cases, it may be necessary to perform bone graft surgery to provide enough support to secure the implant in place. Dr. Fairfax has the skill and training necessary to perform this procedure safely right here in our office.

How Dental Implants Work

An implant consists of a very small titanium post that Dr. Fairfax places surgically into your jawbone. Since the implant bonds with surrounding bone tissue, it prevents jawbone deterioration and supports your natural teeth.

After it integrates into the jawbone, the implant forms a stable base for the crown, bridge, or denture that will be attached to it. The type of restoration we choose depends on your dental health, preferences, and budget.

Using dental implants at our Fairfax, VA dental office, we can:

  • Replace a single tooth
  • Replace several missing teeth
  • Support a dental restoration like a bridge or crown
  • Anchor a full set of dentures or overdentures

The Dental Implant Process

Good candidates for dental implant placement have generally good health and enough dense bone in the jaw to place the implant post. Even if you don't have enough bone right now, there are procedures available to build up bone so you can get a dental implant in the future. 

The next step is for Dr. Fairfax to surgically position the titanium implant into your jawbone. When the implant has healed, we'll customize a dental crown, bridge, or denture to restore function and appearance. 

The Benefits of Implant Dentures

If you are missing a full arch—either upper or lower—and have tried dentures, you are probably well aware of some of the challenges that come along with them. Even today’s dentures, which fit and look better than ever before, can still slip and slide while you are chewing and speaking. It can be embarrassing!

With implant dentures in Fairfax, VA, Dr. Fairfax will attach your arch to dental implants—usually four is adequate to support a full arch—for maximum stability. The benefits of this include a cost-savings since only four implants need to be placed rather than one for every tooth. Implant dentures, also referred to as implant-supported dentures, combine the cost-effectiveness and convenience of dentures with the permanence of dental implants.

Caring for Dental Implants

There are many benefits to getting dental implants, including how easy it is to care for them. It’s really no different than cleaning your natural teeth; just brush and floss as you normally would. Although your dental implants cannot develop tooth decay, you can still get gum disease if you don’t take good care of your oral health. This includes visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and examinations. Your dentist will advise you how frequently you should go to the dentist.

Eating with Dental Implants

Most of our Fairfax, VA dental implant patients will tell you that their favorite thing about dental implants is that they can eat all of their favorite foods again. Dentures naturally come with some food restrictions, particularly as patients adjust to wearing them. Because of the stability of dental implants, you can bite into that crunchy apple and eat that juicy steak—with confidence!

We Work with Your Goals

Couple | Dental Implants in FairfaxMany people we treat in Fairfax, VA are concerned about the cost of dental implants. Indeed, there is a financial investment in this tooth replacement option. But when compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants make more sense in the long run. Unlike dentures, which need to be adjusted periodically over the years as the jawbone begins to shrink and change shape, dental implants are permanent. After they are placed, they can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

In some cases, dental insurance will cover the cost of implants. We will work out the details of your specific plan so you know exactly what your out-of-pocket expense will be before we begin treatment. If you’re uninsured, we offer financing options like CareCredit and an in-house discount plan. We will be happy to discuss these with you as we plan your treatment.

Choosing Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth in Fairfax, VA is a big step. Dr. Fairfax will spend all the time you need to be sure you understand the process and feel confident about your decision.

If you have experienced tooth loss, please contact our office if you’d like more information about dental implants as well as our other tooth replacement options.