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The Harmful Effects of Sugar on Your Teeth

June 12, 2016
Posted By: Cerina W Fairfax, DDS
Cavity Prevention in Fairfax VA, Dr. Fairfax and Associates Family Dentistry

We've all heard that sugar is bad for our teeth because it causes tooth decay. But are you aware of how that actually happens? It's not sugar itself that causes cavities, but rather the harmful bacteria in your mouth use sugar as a fuel to create the acids that eat through your enamel causing tooth decay and eventually cavities. The good news is that there are steps you can take to combat and even reverse the harmful effects of sugar on your teeth. Your dentist in Fairfax, VA shares some ideas.

Limit Your Snacks During the Day

Did you know that snacking throughout the day can put you at a higher risk for tooth decay? This is because when you snack, the debris may get stuck in your teeth for longer periods of time than when you eat a full meal. A lot of us tend to snack on starchy foods like potato chips, crackers and bread. Not only do starchy snacks stick to your teeth longer, they also consist of carbohydrates, which turn into sugar. This hits your teeth with a double whammy for tooth decay!

Eat Healthy Foods

We understand that eating a balanced and healthy diet is good for our bodies, but did you know that it's also good for your oral health? Eating fruits and vegetables helps to neutralize the acids in your mouth and they also increase saliva flow, which helps to wash away food debris and particles that cause bacteria to linger on your teeth. If you need a snack during the day, try your best to snack on fruits and vegetables.

Regular Brushing, Flossing and Dental Visits

Your dentist is able to detect tooth decay in its earliest stages even before you're aware of it. That's why it's important to attend your regular dental visits. Detecting tooth decay early on ensures that you have the best chance of treating it with the least invasive treatment, in some cases, you may even be able to reverse it. You will also learn techniques for optimum brushing and flossing so you can do your best to combat plaque and bacteria at home.

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