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Could Dementia and Tooth Loss Be Linked? A New Study Points to Yes

June 27, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Cerina Fairfax
Dentistry in Fairfax VA

As a dentist who is concerned about the well-being of her patients, Dr. Cerina Fairfax would like you to be aware of any new information that affects your overall health. In this case, we are talking about the link between tooth loss and dementia.

Estimates say that nearly 10 million people are diagnosed with dementia each year, and the number of people living with the disease will nearly double every 20 years.

These are sobering statistics, but what does this mean for your oral health? As it turns out, it means quite a lot. The purpose of a recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society was to determine the effect of tooth loss on the development of dementia. Researchers found that the risk factor of dementia increased with a decrease in the number of remaining teeth.

The scientific community has already identified a link between your oral health and problems like heart disease, lung disease, and strokes. These recent findings are just one more reason for you to be vigilant about your dental health.

The time to start protecting yourself against this potential risk is now. You can avoid tooth loss by following a strict routine of at-home oral hygiene combined with regular exams and cleanings. If you have been less than diligent with your oral health care, you can take steps today to regain your oral health by protecting the integrity of your teeth in every way possible.

We want to be your partner in achieving excellent oral health. Our goal is to educate you about potential risks and then help support your efforts to enjoy the benefits of a healthier smile.

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