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The Cost of Invisalign in Fairfax

November 20, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Fairfax & Associates Family Dentistry

Many people wonder about the average Invisalign cost in Fairfax. The truth is, Invisalign cost varies based on each patient’s needs. Every smile is unique, and so is every budget.

According to the Consumer Guide for Dentistry, the national average cost of Invisalign ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. But again, these prices depend on each individual case. 

Is Invisalign Worth It?

Compared to traditional metal braces––which range from $2,000 to $6,000––many patients consider Invisalign worth the investment. In a matter of months, or even less than two years, patients can get the straight, perfectly aligned teeth they desire. 

Invisalign clear braces can correct several malocclusion issues and aesthetic flaws, including:

  • Crowded or overlapping teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Misaligned teeth 
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

If you have any of these dental problems, Dr. Cerina Fairfax is an Invisalign dentist in Fairfax, VA, who can determine if Invisalign is the best treatment for your needs. 

Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners 

Millions of people worldwide have benefited from Invisalign orthodontics––and the number of satisfied patients continues to grow! 

There are numerous benefits to having Invisalign, such as:

  • They are virtually invisible. Most people will not even know you’re getting treatment! 
  • Invisalign clear aligners are removable, making it more enjoyable and easier to eat your favorite meals. 
  • They are customized to precisely fit your smile and gradually move your teeth into the desired position. 

Invisalign clear aligners are easy to clean, and they make your teeth easier to clean, too. When you remove your aligners, you can thoroughly clean the trays with Invisalign cleaner or soft, unscented antibacterial soap. You can continue brushing and flossing as usual. 

Patients don't need as many dental visits for adjustments. And Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable and don’t irritate the mouth because they are made from smooth, BPA-free plastic. 

Attain Your Best Smile with Invisalign in Fairfax, VA 

Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth. Invisalign has transformed the smiles of children, teens, and adults alike. Please contact us today to schedule your Invisalign consultation at Dr. Fairfax & Associates Family Dentistry. 

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